Can You Actually ‘Break’ Your Hymen?

Can You Really ‘Break’ Your Hymen?

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If in case you have a tough time utilizing a tampon or discover fluctuations in your interval blood movement, make sure you test in with a gynecological supplier for an correct analysis when you’ve got entry to 1, as there are well being circumstances that may trigger comparable signs, in accordance with ACOG.

For instance, somebody with a transverse vaginal septum, that means they’re born with a wall of tissue that separates components of the vagina6, won’t menstruate or have a tough time inserting a tampon. A minor surgical procedure known as a hymenectomy can take away the surplus tissue if obligatory and relieve signs. Afterward, you’ll be able to count on to have completely regular vaginal operate. Alternatively, you’ll be able to discuss to your physician about whether or not utilizing a vaginal dilator, which is a cylinder that’s usually used to stretch the vagina (together with loads of lube!), might assist stretch your hymen. 

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Trending Medical and well being breaking information Okay, so what causes hymen “breakage”?

Let’s begin by explaining that the hymen doesn’t actually “break.” Hymen tissue is membrane-like and versatile, that means it stretches and ultimately tears. Additional, your hymen can’t develop again or by some means “break” twice.

Within the case of penetrative vaginal intercourse, your hymen stretches and usually tears, resulting in potential bleeding for some folks, Dr. White says. However every particular person’s expertise is completely different when it comes to when their hymen tears and in the event that they really feel bodily signs like ache, he explains. You’re extra more likely to expertise an apparent tear in case your hymen is thicker or extra inflexible and fewer stretchy.

However there are so many different issues that may trigger a hymen to tear. Many individuals’s hymens get worn down and skinny out over time from collaborating in bodily actions like biking, horseback using, gymnastics, and even masturbating, Dr. Rosser notes. The thinner your hymen will get, the extra doubtless it’s to ultimately tear. Heck, gynecologic exams (corresponding to a Pap smear) may also tear your hymen, says Dr. White.

Tampons may also stretch out your hymen, so the tissue can tear after quite a few makes use of and even only one insertion, Dr. White says. If you happen to use tampons often, it’s unlikely your hymen continues to be intact, however that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t use them. In case you are a virgin, and your hymen tears due to a tampon, that doesn’t by some means “cancel” out your virginity, if that’s one thing that’s actually vital to you.

One of the vital widespread misconceptions is that an intact hymen confirms an individual’s virginity2. “There isn’t any strategy to inform if somebody has had intercourse by taking a look at their hymen,” Dr. Gosine says. “Hymens are available all sizes and styles and you can’t inform if what you see is simply regular for them.”

The hymen doesn’t all the time break throughout penetrative vaginal intercourse, both. Consider your hymen stretching in the identical means a condom stretches to accommodate completely different sizes. “Some ladies have hymenal tissue and a few don’t no matter whether or not they have had penetrative intercourse, used a tampon, or used a intercourse toy,” Dr. Gosine says.

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Trending Medical and well being breaking information Does it harm when your hymen “breaks”?

This finally depends upon your distinctive hymen construction (once more, when you’ve got one) and your private ache tolerance. Some folks might really feel soreness or ache when their hymen tears, whereas others might not even discover. If you happen to’re attempting to have penetrative intercourse for the primary time however the ache is insufferable, attempt to press pause and schedule a go to along with your physician to be sure you don’t have an underlying well being subject at play.

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