Drug combination shows effectiveness in patients with recurrent ER-positive endometrial cancer

Drug mixture exhibits effectiveness in sufferers with recurrent ER-positive endometrial most cancers

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain A combination therapy that targets cancer cells from within and without caused tumors to shrink or stabilize in 75% of patients with recurrent or persistent estrogen receptor- (ER-) positive endometrial cancer, results from a recent clinical trial show. Trial leaders from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute will present the findings at today’s session…

Combination Antidepressant Treatment Outperforms Monotherapy

Mixture Antidepressant Therapy Outperforms Monotherapy

In clinical management of depression, combining a reuptake inhibitor with presynaptic alpha2-autoreceptors significantly improves treatment outcomes, compared with monotherapy, a meta-analysis found. Clinicians should consider this approach as a viable first-line treatment for severe depression and for nonresponders, a team of German researchers concluded. The findings were published online Feb. 16 in JAMA Psychiatry. Combining…

Trending Medical and health breaking news Immunotherapy combination may benefit patients with non-small cell lung cancer resistant to single immunotherapy

Trending Medical and well being breaking information Immunotherapy mixture could profit sufferers with non-small cell lung most cancers proof against single immunotherapy

Lung CA seen on CXR. Credit: James Heilman, MD/Wikipedia A combination of two drugs that open the floodgates to an immune system attack on cancer curtailed tumor growth in some patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that was resistant to a single immunotherapy agent, results from a recent clinical trial show. The addition of…