5 Exercises That Elite CrossFit Athlete Chandler Smith Swears by for Big Results

5 Workout routines That Elite CrossFit Athlete Chandler Smith Swears by for Large Outcomes

To succeed in CrossFit, as Chandler Smith continues to do, it takes years and years of relentless practice. Top-tier athletes need to have an expert working knowledge of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, athletics, conditioning work, running, swimming, cycling and much more. Plus, of course, they need a competitive edge. For Smith, a US Army veteran and…

Trending Medical and health breaking news Elite Trainer Gunnar Peterson Breaks Down Exercises You Need for a Superhero-Sized Chest

Trending Medical and well being breaking information Elite Coach Gunnar Peterson Breaks Down Workout routines You Want for a Superhero-Sized Chest

Superhero characters have become one of the top benchmarks guys use for #fitspo goals, and one defining characteristic of almost every powered-up do-gooder, from Superman to Captain America, is the big barrel chest and V-taper torso. So, most guys assume that the actors that play those character hit chest day with a tenacity that rivals…