SoCal’s Real Estate Dilemma: Shortages and Surging Prices Cause Headaches for Buyers and Investors

SoCal’s Actual Property Dilemma: Shortages and Surging Costs Trigger Complications for Consumers and Buyers

It’s hard out there for homebuyers. Southern California’s residential real estate prices are at all-time highs and continue to increase in every sector of the marketplace. A combination of factors led to this unprecedented economic reality, which is causing pain for first-time buyers who can’t afford to enter the market, for those wishing to move…

RPG Real Estate Anime Premieres This April

RPG Real Estate Anime Premieres This April

Some new details have arrived for the RPG Real Estate anime, which adapts the RPG Fudousan manga by Chiyo Kenmotsu. The series is officially set to premiere this April, and the opening and ending theme performers have been decided. The opening theme, “Make Up Life!,” will be performed in character by Kotone Kazairo (VA: Honoka…