Trending Medical and health breaking news The U.S. Army Is Overhauling Its Fitness Test for the First Time Since 1980

Trending Medical and also health and wellness splitting information The united state Military Is Overhauling Its Health And Fitness Examination for the Very First Time Considering That 1980 

Catherine LednerGetty Images The U.S. Army’s Physical Fitness Test (PFT) has remained the same for over 30 years. Since 1980, the screening process which all candidates must pass in order to be considered fit for active duty has consisted of two minutes of pushups, two minutes of situps, and a two-mile run.While considered for a…

Trending Medical and health breaking news Wearable Fitness Trackers Could Detect COVID Before You Do

Trending Medical and also wellness splitting information Wearable Health and fitness Trackers Might Identify COVID Prior To You Do

Nov. 30, 2021 — Your smartwatch or fitness tracker lets you know how many steps you’ve taken, how much sleep you got, and what your peak heart rate was during that morning workout. What if it could tell you when you’ve been infected with COVID-19 before you notice any symptoms?That’s exactly what a group of…