I’m Just Not Ready for the New Normal

I’m Simply Not Prepared for the New Regular

Feb. 23, 2022 — Last week, public health officials implored fans at the Super Bowl to mask up in the packed Southern California stadium, handing out high-quality KN95 masks as jersey-donned patrons piled into their seats. Still, as cameras panned the audience, finding someone wearing a mask felt more like a game of Where’s Waldo.…

Trending Medical and health breaking news I’m an R.D. Who Sucks at Baking. Here Are 8 Tips That Have Actually Helped

Trending Medical and well being breaking information I’m an R.D. Who Sucks at Baking. Right here Are 8 Ideas That Have Really Helped

Here are some nuggets of wisdom I took from my conversion with Lomas that have helped me master things like making carrot cake that actually rises and baking bread that doesn’t break my teeth when I bite into it. Maybe these simple baking tips can help you gain confidence too!1. Read through the entire recipe…