What 16 Movie Stars Looked Like at the Beginning of Their Careers

What 16 Film Stars Seemed Like on the Starting of Their Careers

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9 Movie Facts That Can Surprise the Most Hardcore Fans

9 Film Info That Can Shock the Most Hardcore Followers

It’s always great to discover what pure magic hides behind the scenes. And really, some actors may have an outstanding contribution to the whole movie itself. Some may change the plot entirely with mere improvisation. In other cases, directors themselves show us some extra talents they have in a shot or 2.We at Bright Side have found some hilarious facts that allow us to look behind the…

Uncharted Movie Novelization Will Be Narrated By Original Nathan Drake Actor Nolan North

Uncharted Film Novelization Will Be Narrated By Unique Nathan Drake Actor Nolan North

The original Nathan Drake, Nolan North, will provide the voice of the Uncharted movie novelization.According to Variety, the prolific voice actor, who voiced Nathan Drake throughout the Uncharted video game series, will return to the role for the upcoming audiobook adaptation. But he may sound a little different, given that he’s playing every character.“I got…