How 11 Actors Who Played Older Characters Actually Aged

How 11 Actors Who Performed Older Characters Really Aged

Actors often have to play roles that are out of their age range. To make them look younger, makeup artists may be inspired by old photographs of themselves at a younger age; but to age them, that’s another story. In those cases, the characterization is done based on how they might age, and it may not be how they will age later in real life, as that process depends on many factors.Bright…

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Rob Northway YOU FIND him on page 166 of the 1970 Thomas Worthington High School yearbook. It’s the kind of high school interchangeable with every other American high school—the same brick, the same tomb-like sign on the entrance lawn, the same head of some animal pasted everywhere—and the kind of yearbook, also interchangeable, where somehow…