Roundup: Singapore’s TTSH expanding access to robotic rehab and more briefs

Roundup: Singapore’s TTSH increasing entry to robotic rehab and extra briefs

Tan Tock Seng Hospital signs partnerships to bring robotic rehab to communities Singaporean public tertiary hospital Tan Tock Seng Hospital, through its Clinic for Advanced Rehabilitation Therapeutics (CART), has entered into partnerships to expand access to robotic rehabilitation services. One of the deals is a three-year master research collaboration with tech provider Fourier Intelligence (FI),…

This Roundup ingredient might well well well keep off most cancers—but the EPA won’t ban it

This Roundup ingredient may properly properly properly maintain off most cancers—however the EPA received’t ban it

Glyphosate has been linked to cancer and miscarriages—why is it still on the market?. Deposit PhotosWhile glyphosate has been linked to various health issues, it has yet to be fully removed from the market. The post This Roundup ingredient might cause cancer—but the EPA won’t ban it appeared first on Popular Science…

Trending Medical and health breaking news Roundup: Multiple healthcare orgs report cyber attacks

Trending Medical and well being breaking information Roundup: A number of healthcare orgs report cyber assaults

[Ed. note: This piece has been updated to include the latest post from CompuGroup Medical.] CompuGroup Medical, a medical software vendor, reported that it had been hit with a ransomware attack leading to what the company described as a “technical failure.”   In a notice posted to its website on December 20 at 4:50 p.m. Eastern…