13 Actors Who Won’t Reprise Their Marvel Roles, And 18 Who Want To Keep Playing Them Forever

13 Actors Who Gained’t Reprise Their Marvel Roles, And 18 Who Need To Hold Enjoying Them Without end

I’m (impatiently) waiting for Paul Bettany’s return. With the exponential way the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown over the last 10+ years, plenty of actors have gotten the opportunity to bring a character from the pages of a comic book to the silver screen. Now, with the introduction of the multiverse, plenty of characters from…

Trending Medical and health breaking news Crime won’t stop because of COVID. How should we protect crime scene investigators?

Trending Medical and well being breaking information Crime will not cease due to COVID. How ought to we shield crime scene investigators?

COVID may have curtailed travel, hospitality, education and entertainment, but crime scene investigation never stops. As a forensic scientist, researcher and lecturer, I know first-hand the risks and challenges crime scene investigation (CSI) teams have faced over the past two years as we’ve grappled with the realities of operating amid the threat of COVID. CSI…