Hair Dye and Lice – An Uncommon Remedy

Hair dye and lice appear to have no connection in any way however phrase across the salon circles buzz that this uncommon affiliation could work. Pediculosis or hair lice infestation is an irritating and embarrassing situation. There are a variety of therapies for pediculosis. These embody utilizing insecticide-laced shampoos and lotions for the hair. Some are from pure pesticides like neem oil. Different preparations are extra chemical-based and want a health care provider’s prescription to dispense.

Hair Dye and Lice - An Uncommon Remedy
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It is comprehensible that some mother and father discontinue using these merchandise after a couple of unsuccessful tries. Merchandise like malathion and lindane may have dangerous cumulative unwanted effects. Guide extraction with a louse comb is the simplest manner of eradicating the pests however it’s time consuming and doesn’t fully stop re-infestation. Nor does it deliver lasting reduction to the signs.

The hair dye lice therapy stems from the exasperation of some mother and father over the expense of utilizing over-the-counter formulation. Fed up with spending many {dollars} value of louse therapy lotions and shampoos, they’ve resorted to attempting to find one thing or something to provide reduction to the itching, embarrassment and irritation. Some boards suggest such quaint cures as mayonnaise, vinegar and mouthwash. These cheap and available dwelling staples haven’t been clinically examined though some moms swear by them.

That is an uncommon treatment for killing head lice – the hair dye lice methodology. Hair lice victims have seen that after they had their hair color-treated on the salon, their hair lice situation improved. Some have even testified that their hair lice have been fully eliminated. Simply what’s it in hair dyes or hair coloring supplies? Earlier than artificial coloring supplies had been invented, pure pigments from vegetation, flowers and tree bark had been used to alter or intensify hair shade. Historically, henna, a plant extract was used to darken hair whereas chamomile was used to lighten it. These pigments inevitably light after a while thus the necessity for extra everlasting components to make the colorants adhere to the hair longer. This was the place aniline dyes from coal tar had been used for semi-permanent dyes and paraphenylenediamine or PPD for everlasting hair dyes. To ensure that these substances to be efficient, hair needed to be ready earlier than making use of hair shade.

Using hair stripping chemical substances was then launched. The hair shaft was opened by utilizing chemical substances like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Dyes utilizing these substances are known as oxidation dyes. Utilizing extra of those chemical substances made the hair shade lighter in a shorter period of time. It’s these very chemical substances which can be attributed to the successfully of hair dyes as anti-hair lice brokers. Hair has a protein known as keratin and it’s this substance that the hair shaft openers work on. When the hair shaft opens, the glue that cements the nit to the hair additionally will get disturbed, releasing the nit within the course of. No nits, no future grownup lice.

One other ingredient current in hair dyes which will work in opposition to hair lice is alcohol. In utilizing kitchen dwelling cures, some girls add Listerine, a mouthwash excessive in alcohol content material to spike their handmade formulation. Lice appear to have dislike for the stuff. Hair dyes even have excessive alcohol content material. Its disagreeable facet impact is hair dryness because it strips the hair shaft of moisture. Maybe it’s this high quality that staves off lice copy. If I had been a louse, all the opposite multi-syllabic and unpronounceable substances can be greater than sufficient for me to get off anybody’s head.

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