Trending Medical and health breaking news The Best Thermal Underwear for Men That’ll Get You Through Any Polar Vortex

Trending Medical and health breaking news The Best Thermal Underwear for Men That’ll Get You Through Any Polar Vortex

Trending Medical and health breaking news

Trending Medical and health breaking news best thermal underwear for men

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Let’s be frank: Thermal underwear is arguably the least sexy type of undies for men on the market. On the flip side, they are some of the most functional bottoms since they support more than just your privates, providing coverage for your entire lower half.

And of course, as their name suggests, the main reason to sport these underpants is to keep you warm in the colder winter months. So, unless you’re willing to brave the freezing temperatures without some much-needed buffering, it’s time to embrace these hardy skivvies as a wardrobe must-have.

But, better yet, the best thermal underwear for men available today has evolved from the drab ol’ long johns of yesteryear into a subset of more types and styles to meet even more needs. Plus, they’re great to layer under your favorite winter sweater and winter jacket.

Current selections range from everyday base layers to those worthier for at-home loafing, with the influence of athleisure over the years resulting in more advanced thermals that are resilient enough to keep things toasty during the most extreme of outdoor activities.

No matter your reason for seeking out these cool-weather basics, look no further than these 10 best men’s thermal underwear picks.

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Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Long Underwear

Founded in 2011, the menswear brand Mack Weldon, which develops its own fabrics, has quickly climbed the ranks as a top purveyor of men’s basics, with its thermal underwear no exception. Case in point: The brand’s WARMKNIT fabric constructed in a micro-waffle knit and featuring their insulating Thermolite technology makes for a great base layer that keeps the temps just right.

Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layer Bottoms

Taking pride in its Merino wool items developed for the outdoors, Smartwool’s base layer tights provide more than enough warmth without any of the claustrophobic stuffiness. Thanks to the underwear’s 100% Merino wool interlock knit fabric construction (with this pair being the brand’s heaviest weight), sweat is wicked away and odors kept at bay without you losing any heat.

Patagonia Men’s Capilene Air Bottoms

The outdoor apparel brand’s Capilene base layer, made from recycled polyester and blended with Merino wool from New Zealand (ethically sourced, we might add), results in a soft, stretchy and quick drying pair of bottoms that retains warmth while also working hard to wick moisture and minimize odor. Comfort is also a priority, as the seamless 3-D construction reduces chaffing while the front crotch’s double layer adds extra support to your package.

32 Degrees Men’s Heat Base Layer Leggings

A winner in versatility, this offering by 32 Degrees consists of a soft, lightweight four-way stretch fabric that’s equally functional as loungewear, gym gear or as everyday base layer pants. The biggest win? You get all of this without breaking bank.

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Leggings

You’ve likely integrated at least some apparel by the sportswear giant into your wardrobe, and if you haven’t yet, the addition of Under Armour base layer leggings is worth adding to cart. The stretchy and lightweight HeatGear fabric incorporates anti-odor tech, moisture-wicking and fast-drying properties, making it an ideal match for the man who likes to be on the move.

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CDLP Long Johns

If you’re determined to keep your undergarment game as sexy as possible, then a pair of long johns from CDLP is the way to go. When the Swedish design house launched in 2016, it had one goal in mind: To transform men’s underwear. Fashioned from Lyocell–the most sustainable cellulose fabric found in wood–their thermals provide a more tailored look without compromising on warmth and comfiness.

Indera Men’s Icetex Performance Thermals

The American company has long been regarded as one of the first suppliers of thermals, and even today, its items have plenty to boast about. These Icetex undies tick several boxes, from providing heavyweight warmth to the odor-battling properties of the fabric’s Silvadur Technology. Thanks to the brushed inner layer of the raschel knit, your goods are guaranteed to stay both snug and dry on your outdoor adventures.

Carhartt Force Thermal Base Layer Pants

When it comes to thermal underwear, you may have come across items crafted in a waffle knit. And that’s with good reason–this fabric blend does an exceptional job at fulfilling all your needs: Trapping heat, tackling odor and managing moisture through its swift-drying and sweat-wicking elements. Add to that Carhartt’s rugged flex tech that makes moving around a breeze, with the added benefits of tactically placed seams reducing chafing and improving comfort.

Lululemon Vital Drive Training Tights 28″

With yoga at the core of the company’s ethos, it should come as no surprise that this base layer piece includes four-way stretch fabric that wicks moisture, dries quickly and is abrasion resistant. But Lululemon has stepped it up to the next level. These training tights include interior gripping that correspond with the body’s major muscle groups, keeping the tights in position, and aiding in muscle steadiness. Impressed much? You should be.

Minus33 Merino Wool 706 Kancamagus Midweight Bottoms

Established by textile engineers in 2002, Minus33 has upped the thermal gear ante with their base layers. A prime example of the brand’s winning pieces includes these midweight bottoms made of 100% Merino wool in an interlock knit construction. Simply put, a guarantee that you’ll stay warmed up–yet sweat-free–whether you’re up for an arctic run, a snowboarding expedition, or simply going out to grab groceries midwinter.

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