Who Is Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God in Marvel’s Moon Knight ?

Who Is Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God in Marvel’s Moon Knight ?

It seems to Steven Grant first, then to Marc Spector, as a tall, half-mummified creature with a hooked skeleton beak floating over a cloak. Within the second episode of Marvel’s Moon Knight, we’re given a reputation: Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon.

“We shield the weak and ship Khonshu’s justice to those that damage them”—is how Marc explains issues to Steven.

Steven: “That’s the stupidest factor I’ve ever heard.”

However as an Egyptian skilled (of kinds), Steven has heard of Khonshu.

Moon Knight, just like the comedian, attracts from Egyptian mythology and iconography, naming lots of its characters after historical Egyptian deities.

The origin story for the Moon Knight, Marc Spector, entails a desert resuscitation by the god Khonshu. Spector then turns into Khonshu’s avatar, serving as a nocturnal protector.

That origin story isn’t far afield from the tales of Egyptian mythology, the place the Moon God Khonsu is a protector, creator, and destroyer. There are a number of totally different sides to the deity, making Marvel’s selection of its consultant having disassociative identification dysfunction additionally considerably consistent with his namesake’s mythology.

Right here’s what to know concerning the Moon God each within the comics and in historical historical past.

Who Is Khonsu in Egyptian Mythology?

Khonsu (additionally, “Khons” and “Chons”) was an historical Egyptian moon god, showing in texts way back to 2350 BCE. The deity’s major metropolis of worship appears to be Thebes (presently about 400 miles south of the capital, Cairo).

Khonsu’s significance appears to have shifted all through time. At one level, Khonsu was one thing of a fertility god. He was additionally thought of to be a violent and bloodthirsty god, in addition to a being thought to rule over evil spirits. Many students agree his title is derived from a phrase that means “to cross” or “to journey.” He was additionally considered a protector of kings and the frequent individuals—the that means most related to Marvel readers.


Marvel Comics

Who Is Khonshu within the Marvel Comics?

Within the comics, Khonshu is an evening guardian and protector for vacationers. Khonshu, nevertheless, can not enter the Earthly airplane, requiring him to behave by means of an Earthly avatar.

Khonshu is the son of Amon Ra, the Solar God. The 2 have been battling for millennia, every selecting successive Earthly avatars to battle each other. A Moon Knight comedian run written by Max Bemis (greatest often known as frontman of the band Say Something) depicts this relationship, with Ra taking over the avatar of an individual calling himself “The Solar King.”

Khonshu’s modern-day vessel is Marc Spector, the mercenary with whom Khonshu bestows superhuman powers. Their relationship is fraught, with Khonshu sometimes intervening to assist Spector and infrequently possessing him. They’re additionally capable of talk straight.

Within the comics, they work together with everybody from Hawkeye, Physician Unusual, and Ant Man to the Improbable 4.

Which leaves loads of potential crossover for future Moon Knight episodes.

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